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The association pour le deuxième centenaire du Conseil d'Etat

The association pour le deuxième centenaire du Conseil d'Etat created to coordinate the publications and demonstrations intended to commemorate birth of the council of State in 1799

It one notably allowed publication:
 of the jubilee book of the second centenary of the Council of State under direction of the president Massot:
MASSOT (Jean) dir., Le Conseil d’État de l’an VIII à nos jours, Livre jubilaire du deuxième centenaire, Paris, Adam Biro, 1999, 187 p.

 A book "Découverte Gallimard" about the Conseil d'Etat:
Monnier (François), Arnoult (Erik), Le Conseil d'Etat, juger, conseiller, servir, Paris, Gallimard, 1999, 112 p.

 A Dictionnaire biographique des membres du Conseil d'Etat is intend to be published with the éditions Fayard under direction of professor Jean Tulard.

It also took charge of the organization:
 of four colloquiums on the elaboration of the right and their publication;

 of an exhibition on the history of the Council of State organized in association with the National Archives, from December, 1799 till March, 2000..


The bibliothèque and archives of the Conseil d'Etat

Intended mainly for the members of council of State, the library of the Council of State was reconstituted after the fire which destroyed its rich collections in 1871. The service of the library, for a long time agent of the archives of the institution, decided in the 1990s to give to the national Archives all historic papers and to develop a function of orientation of the public in the exploitation of the primary sources.