Drawings by Frédéric Christophe de Houdetot [1797-1835]
Page 33 de l'album Houdetot, archives du Conseil d'Etat

The library of the Council of State acquired in 1987 a collection of drawings executed from 1797 till 1835 by Frédéric-Christophe d'Houdetot, grand-son of the famous Mme d’Houdetot, the grand amour of Jean-Jacques Rousseau. An Auditeur du Conseil d’Etat in 1806, Houdetot was to work as an administrator throughout the whole of Europe until 1814.

A draughtsman of great talent - he was a pupil of David - Houdetot sketched portraits of those around him. Hence this extraordinary gallery of portraits of members of the Conseil d’Etat, drawn in the period 1806-1807, where each is immortalised in his habitual position and brought very much back to life with a stroke of the pen. Two hundred and forty five portraits, cut and gathered in an album, restore us faces of time, illustrious or anonymous.

All the album was digitized for Napoleonica.org and portraits were the object for the first time of a complete inventory of all items.