Drawings by Frédéric Christophe de Houdetot [1797-1835]
   Drawings by F. C. Houdetot: the digitised collection
Presentation of the digitised collection

Digitised collection specification

Heading Drawings by Frédéric Christophe de Houdetot, Bibliothèque du Conseil d'Etat
Dates 1797-1835
Volume of material 225 documents
Technical characteristics
of the digitisation

Sponsorship by the Fondation Napoléon enabled all the drawings to be digitised in 1999:
Each page of the original document, containing several drawings, was scanned and saved as a 16 bit, 150 dpi TIFF image and stored as a pdf file. Each drawing was then extracted, redimensioned and compressed in JPEG format for viewing on this site.

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Detailed description

The technical options for digitisation and viewing

The digitisation was done taking the originals from the library of the Conseil d'Etat and scanning them on an office scanner. The binding of the album allowed the page to be placed flat on the glass of the scanner without the risk of damaging the album.
Each page was scanned manually, in colour (16 bits) with 150 dpi definition. The images were then saved in TIFF format, as a PDF file. In order to make it easy to view them on this site, and to provide a clear link with each inventory record, it was decided to present each drawing individually rather than the whole page image. Each illustration was blocked out and saved in TIFF format for the archives and redimensioned and compressed in JPEG format for viewing.

Features of the digitised collection

Digitisation in image mode (archives)
Digitisation in image mode
Name of file Name of file and ".pdf" extension Name of file and ".jpg" extension
Format TIFF, saved as PDF files. JPEG
Method of digitisation 16 bits 16 bits
Resolution 150 dpi 72 dpi

45 images

225 images
Number of pages / file 1 1
Size of each file 6 550 Ko Approx. 8 Ko
Use Archives, printing. Viewing on the internet and link with each record of the inventory
Display software required Acrobat Reader Navigator versions 3.0 and higher.
Examples Page 12
Portrait de M. Portalis fils