Napoleon's letters to Bigot de Préameneu [1800-1815]
   User's guide to the correspondence between Napoleon and his Ministre des Cultes

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1. Full-text search engine son the text of the 145 letters from Napoleon to Bigot de Préameneu and the two letters from Bigot annotated by Napoleon. Search criteria : date

2. Consultation of groups of letters in chronological order: see "Paging down through the correspondence".

Description of contents First Empire; Correspondence; Religious affairs

To find out more about the correspondence from Napoleon to Bigot de Préameneu, read the article by J. O. Boudon, , under the heading Historical Context.

Full-text search engine on the text and notes of the 147 documents from the Nougarède du Fayet collection.
Indexing The full text of the notices has been indexed by the search engine: all the words in the text can therefore be searched. You may also do a search by date.
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Benefit Allows a search through all the words appearing in the documents.

Paging down through the correspondence

A sustained reading of this particular correspondence is undoubtedly as interesting as searching through it for a particular item. Napoleonica therefore offers you the opportunity to Page down through the documents, so that you may consult or print off sets of letters in chronological order.