Printed working documents of the Conseil d'Etat

Principal subjects dealt with in the printed documents of the Conseil d'Etat between 1800 and 1814

  Religious Affairs
Problems related to the legacy of the Revolution
  Miscellaneous taxes and duties Maritime affairs
  Paying off of the public debt and mortgages Organisation of the army corps
   Management of national property Practical management of the armed troops
   Pensions and annuities Financing the armies
   Administrative organisation Military law
   Currency Awards
   Drawing up and application of the Codes, statute books Navy
   Civil and criminal law Maritime and fishing trade
   Administrative law Maritime law
   Organisation of the courts Colonies
   Combating embezzlement    

  Religious Affairs
Status of Jews
Status of religious establishments

 Miscellaneous taxes and duties
Management of direct and indirect taxes
Definition of taxes year by year
Administration of land tax; administration of personal taxes, and tax on rental income and luxury articles
Administration of combined duties on gold and silver, playing cards, public vehicles, inland navigation, use of rivers, tobacco, salt, duties on wines, ciders and perries, beers, manufacturing duties
Management of duties on seeds, trading dues
Collection of death duties
Customs duties
Postal charges for letters and parcels
City tolls and charity dues
Ground rents Lottery

 Paying off of the public debt and mortgages

 Management of national property
Deductions from purchasers of national property and sale of national estates
Debts of émigrés and management of the property confiscated as a result of emigration


 Pensions and annuities
Annuities and pensions (payment and settlement of conflicts)
Deductions from the salaries of state employees (organisation of retirement pensions, etc...)

 Administrative organisation
Organisation of the tax department
Creation of the Cour des Comptes (audit office)
Setting up of national and local accounts departments
Administration of forestry and planting along highway
s Administration of the saltworks of the East and of salterns
Abuses in bureaux de change
Government buildings and land (transfers)
Passports and gun licences
Budget of the Imprimerie Nationale (national printing office)


Monetary reform
Creation of the Banque de France
Grades of precious metals

 Drawing up and application of the Codes, statute books
Code of civil law
Code of civil procedure
Code of mercantile law
Criminal code
Napoleonic code
Publication, effects and application of laws
Application of laws in annexed territories
Organisation of public records
Organisation of the notarial profession
Regulation of auctioneers
Legislation on alcohol

 Civil and criminal law
Administration of the law
Criminal procedure
Application of penalties imposed by the courts
Problems raised by public servants charged with a criminal offence or public servants called as witnesses in a trial
Recidivism and forgery
Fine on appeal Jurisdiction of the Tribunal Criminel de la Seine
Jurisdiction of the University
Expropriation in the public interest
Ambassadorial privileges
Distraint Letters confirming an appointment


 Administrative law
Organisation of the Judicial Section of the Conseil d'Etat
Distribution of the auditeurs (junior officials) of the Conseil d'Etat in the courts or authorities
Legal proceedings in forestry administration
Legal procedures open to prefects against elected councillors who do not submit their accounts

 Organisation of the courts
Organisation of the courts of first instance and courts of appeal
Organisation of the Imperial High Court
Election of justices of the peace
Deputation of members of the Government to the Court of Cassation
Lists of jurors based on the lists of persons of distinction
Salary of public servants in the judiciary
Retirement pensions of magistrates and public servants in the judiciary
Exercise of the profession of lawyer and discipline of the Bar
Clerk of the court's dues

  Combating embezzlement
Regulations for tontines and problem posed by the Lafarge fund
Counterfeiting of money
Judgement of contraband (expedition of proceedings)
Rights of the Treasury over the assets of accountants
Privileges of the Treasury

 Problems related to the legacy of the Revolution
Harbouring deported priests
Religious affairs
Emigration French nationals in the service of foreign powers and foreigners wishing to come and live in France
Deductions from the purchasers of national property
Problems caused by the Carignan appanage
Titles and entailed property
Abolition of the feudal system


 Maritime affairs and others

Organisation of the maritime courts
Organisation of the Prize Court
Judgement of property captured at sea
Return of foreign ships captured by privateers
Granting of the sandbanks of Mont Saint Michel
Price of passports

Ownership and running of the Théâtre de la Gaîté
Imprimerie Nationale (national printing office)
Organisation of markets
Marking of fabrics
Mining exploitation and concessions
Exchanges with Crown Lands

  Organisation of the army corps
Organisation of army conscription and recruitment
Organisation of the military colleges
Reestablishment of various companies and different corps
Gendarmerie Nationale (State police force)
Organisation of the Garde Nationale (National Guard)

  Practical management of the armed troops
Provision with arms
Explosives and saltpetre
Company funds and clothing
Buildings and fortified places
Commissariat department


  Financing the armies
Officer's discharge pay

 Military law
Military prisons
Organisation of the military and naval courts
Draft evaders and deserters
Unjustified surrender
Prisoners of war

Légion d'honneur
Disabled ex-servicemen

Organisation of the troops
Organisation of prizes
Organisation of naval dockyards
Disabled ex-servicemen
Salaries of naval officers
Military honours in ports and naval dockyards
Guard of the imperial flag


 Maritime and fishing trade
Coastal navigation
Tuna, whale and sperm whale, cod fishing, coral fishing

  Maritime law
Maritime criminal code
Organisation of maritime courts
Port police officers
Prohibition of Blacks and coloured people in metropolitan France

Debts from Santo Domingo